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2014 Summer Gold Team

We'd like to thank everyone for their diligence as well as their patients throughout this year's tryout process and our first year using the web.  It is important that we stay involved and up to date with our new website.  The coaching staff will update the site regularly to improve communication related to Team information.

Throughout the website there are links to help furnish the parents, players, officials, coaches, and staff members with Team practices, scrimmages, tournaments, and Colligate contact information.  Please take the time to navigate the site and become proficient using it.  This will be our main line of communication, information, and payment method.

Under the "TEAM" tab, you will be able to access your "Team's" information.  Click on the team you'd like to view for this summer's information.

The coaching staff is very excited for this season's events and look forward to competing again at a very high level this summer!