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Ward Melville History

In 1993 Suffolk County went from 6 Leagues to 2 Divisions; Division I being the larger ("A") schools and Division II being the smaller ("B") schools.

Over its 33 seasons, Melville has won its League/Division title 30 times.  One of the three years it failed to win this title was the very first season (1969), and the other 2 were in 1975 and 1996. One year (1996) Melville was not the Division I champ, but was the County Champion.

In all but 4 of its 33 seasons, Melville has made it to the County Semi-final game and  failed to win that game only once (2001).  Overall, Melville has been in the county final 27 times....and 19 of those appearances (1982-2000) have been consecutive.  During this string of 19 County Final appearances, Melville has won 17 times (11 consecutive) and lost only 2 (to Sachem in 1993 and 1995).

Over the 33 seasons, Melville has played for the L.I. Championship  21 times, and has won 15.  Prior to 1981, Nassau and Suffolk Counties were always ranked No. I and No. 2 in the State, so there was a L.I. Championship game only if both teams made it to the state final.  The record for these games is 5 in a row (1996-2000).

The 2000 game was the 14th time Melville has been in the state semi-final contest, the last 12 of which were for the Down-state title.  Melville has won 11 of those 14 semi-final games, and has won 9 of 12 previous Down-State Championships.

The first State Championship game occurred in 1977, and Melville was in it.  Had the State tournament started one year earlier, Melville would very likely have been the favorite because the 1976 Patriots finished with a 19-0 record with a season ending 10-7 victory over Manhasset.  In the 25 State Championship games that have occurred from 1977-2001, Melville has been present 11 times and has won 7 of those encounters.  Three of the 4 losses have been to West Genessee (1990, 1994 & 1998) and the other was to Elmont (1977)